Stephen Boyd Athena Law

Something very interesting has been happening between TESS & Athena Law, the timeshare solicitors.

Upon reading articles on the TESS website, it becomes obvious that TESS has close ties with Athena Law; an unlikely pairing, but is there more to this than meets the eye?

We have it on good authority that a partner in Athena Law, Stephen Boyd, accompanied Cox to the offices of SellMyTimeshare in or about November 2014, when the TESS/ SellMyTimeshare sealed a deal for TESS to conduct SellMyTimeshare timeshare terminations. We would assume that Boyd, in his professional capacity as a Solicitor, would have been very cautious of SellMyTimeshare, in light of the bad press and adverse publicity that appeared online about them since 2010.

It is interesting to note from the Solicitors Conduct Rules, SRA Principles: It states, Solicitors must, Part 1 (2) • act with integrity; (3) • not allow your independence to be compromised. Now, Boyd is an experienced timeshare solicitor who, within his numerous written articles, TV and Radio appearances, gives the impression that he speaks with real knowledge and experience about the timeshare industry. It, therefore, begs the question: why he would be visiting a company (SellMyTimeshare) who appear extensively online with bad press within the industry he professes to have a specialism?

We are left to wonder in what capacity Boyd was in attendance when he accompanied Cox to Tenerife in November 2014 to see Mark Rowe of SellMyTimeshare. Was it as Cox’s trusted legal advisor or was it to discuss an advantageous business deal between Athena Law and SellMyTimeshare, or perhaps a link up between all parties?

No-one will ever know but one thing we know for sure is a deal was struck between TESS and SellMyTimeshare and Boyd was in the thick of it.

What isn’t so clear is what Boyd thought about doing business with a company with a reputation for alleged impropriety and allegations of charging consumers tens of thousands of pounds for a product that was allegedly a scam. Since 2010 the timeshare forums have been awash with complaints about SellMyTimeshare. However, this did not appear to phase Boyd or Cox and a deal was struck. They can hardly claim they were unaware of the online bad press as Cox via the Timeshare Consumer Association wrote article after article about anything and everything timeshare. Really weird though how Cox and Boyd completely overlooked the online rantings of SellMyTimeShare customers prior to them striking a deal with SellMyTimeShare.

However, a million pounds worth of business down the road and both Cox and Boyd appear to have suddenly become aware of this alleged scam SellMyTimeshare are perpetrating. We assume both Boyd and Cox are proficient readers and so how did they miss the online frenzy of people posting adverse comments on all the main timeshare forums and blogs since as far back to 2010.

It is blatantly obvious what has gone on here and the question is, are these the actions of an ethical legal professional person. We expect this behaviour from Cox as he has no ethical or professional standing whatsoever but Boyd is supposed to a trustworthy and upstanding as a member of the legal profession. Does anyone think Boyd has been ethical, truthful and professional within the role he has played here, we certainly think his behaviour is not befitting of an ethical experienced legal practitioner.

As the saying goes; ‘love can make you blind’ in Boyd and Cox’s case it ought have been ‘Money can make you blind’ ……………………..but only temporarily in their case.

In consideration of the aforementioned it is interesting to note from the letter published on this site from Lancashire Trading Standards who said:

consumers are often paying vast sums of money solely on the understanding that your service will achieve an exit for them. The TESS paperwork provided to them during the meeting with the introducer specifically states that TESS ‘will assist consumers obtaining an exit’. However, on further reading of the Engagement Letter, and confirmed in the meeting, an exit is not guaranteed and that your obligations to the consumer will cease after six years. We therefore believe that your services may be being misrepresented by the introducers”

We are once again left to ponder upon Boyd’s expert legal opinion on this point. Surely, if Trading Standards can establish this, then Boyd, as an experienced legal practitioner, ought to have been of a similar opinion? Impliedly not, by the fact that a deal was done and Boyd was involved in one guise or other. One thing is for sure, Boyd is certainly of a similar opinion to the Lancashire Trading Standards NOW as TESS proudly announce;

“In the event you have suffered at the hands of the websites detailed above, you can and should make a claim for compensation.

You can do this on “No win No fee” basis with TESS who with Athena Law have presented hundreds of cases to the supporting Banks and to date those Banks have paid hundreds of thousands of £’s in compensation and to TESS Clients. (Article Published on TESS News 30 November 2017)

It would be interesting to see the agreement between TESS and Athena Law. Did someone just mention ‘fee sharing’?

So Boyd and Cox are apparently now running a SellMyTimeshare claims conveyor belt, with Boyd and Cox now making money from the broken TESS/ SellMyTimeshare relationship. Is this what the SRA meant by ‘integrity’ and ‘independence’? Is it ethical for a Solicitor to be able to clear themselves of any culpability if they see something that is potentially a scam? Ignore it when it suits them to do so because of the earning potential, only to jump on a gravy train at some stage later on down the line when a business relationship turns sour, knowing that they were involved in the beginning, Mis-selling that was, according to Cox, ongoing when Cox and Rowe struck the deal in the presence of Boyd. The mis-selling must have been going on when Cox struck the deal with Rowe, because the very people, who Cox is now ‘unethically’ contacting, are the very same clients who were passed to him by Rowe to terminate their timeshares.

One of two things must be true: either Boyd showed a high level of ignorance and/or incompetence when advising Cox, such that he advised him SellMyTimeshare were a reputable company, or he knew full well of the problems and simply wanted to cash in on the opportunity. Either way, this paints Boyd in as bad a light as Cox. We will let the reader decide!